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We are leading service provider for the below industries


The application of laser technology for welding the high volume automotive components has gained popularity because of its distinct advantages. The main benefits include good flexibility, improved productivity with substantial saving on maintenance and energy cost while producing a strong weld


Only two of the noble gases, helium and argon, are cost effective enough to be used in welding. These inert gases are used in gas 
tungsten arc welding, and also in gas metal arc welding for the welding of non-ferrous metals.


Water vapour is the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Human activities have only a small direct influence on atmospheric concentrations of water vapour, primarily through irrigation and deforestation


Steel production processes typically dispose large volumes of speciality gases. coals in the absence of oxygen. The gas mainly consists of hydrogen (50-60%), methane (15-50%) and a small percentage of carbon monoxide, carbon and nitrogen.


Medical oxygen used in hospitals or other large healthcare facilities is frequently provided by a vacuum-insulated evaporator. In this instance, liquid oxygen is supplied to the facility and kept at a temperature which assures a liquid state. This reserve is drawn from and the oxygen is fractionally distilled to turn it back into a gas. 


A number of gases are used in laboratories to support various applications, to name just a few. Helium, hydrogen and nitrogen are some of the most common gases used by labs for the the specialized applications

We are also specialised in the below services

Erection and commissioning of
Bottling plants 

PESO (Under the act of Tamilnadu Government)

Pollution control activities

Project management control works 

Site Drawing

Site assessment

Hazard study

Onsite emergency plans

Offsite emergency plans

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